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Have you lost control of self-destructive habits such as gambling, shopping, substance abuse or others? Together, we can distinguish the deep rooted causes and develop strategies to overcome the habits holding you back. Addiction can be both physically and mentally draining, That’s why I specialize in providing tailored counselling and emotional support to individuals who are struggling with substance abuse.

Helping You Live a Healthier and Happier Life

Woman pressing a panic button with stop sign to overcome addiction or dependence problems.

Recognising addictions..

Addiction is a complex issue that can cause immense amounts of emotional and/or physical pain. I strive to provide my clients with the tools they need to recognize the signs of addiction and to develop the skills to manage their emotions and addictive behaviours. Signs of addiction can include:

  • lack of control or inability to stay away from a substance or behaviour

  • Financial Stress

  • ignoring the risk factors

  • decreased socialisation

  • changes in attitude/personality

  • dramatic changes in habits or priorities

Take the First Step on Your Journey to Recovery with HSP Therapy.

Breaking the habits..

Gambling, drugs, alcohol, and smoking are the most frequently mentioned addictions, however virtually anything can cause addiction, including: internet, work, shopping and many others. 

When you are addicted to something, not having it causes withdrawal symptoms, also known as a "come down." Because this is unpleasant, it is easier to continue having or doing what you desire, and thus the cycle continues.

Through my addiction management therapy strategies, you can develop an understanding of your addiction and the coping mechanisms to help you break free. 


Discover Your Path to Freedom...

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